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eJamaica.org, a DSpace driven digital repository to promote the sharing of information

Preston, J. and Moses, S. A. (2008) eJamaica.org, a DSpace driven digital repository to promote the sharing of information. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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Today's digital information landscape offers great possibilities for increasing access to information for all. While the academic community, commercial journals and libraries have been the stewards over the years of these resources in developed societies, developing countries have lagged behind in the range of institutions that manage their information and knowledge base. Additionally, the knowledge of individuals and local groups in their communities has been largely inaccessible. With the current availability of digital camera and audio recorders, as well as the popularity of web sites such as MySpace and Facebook, there is a readiness of individuals to create an share digital content. With the advent of open source digital repositories it is now possible to manage large bodies of digital materials in a structured and affordable way. eJamaica.org is a publicly available digital repository, using DSpace, that provides long-term storage for all types of digital content, with tools to assist users in creating, maintaining, and analyzing their own collections of digital content on Jamaica. It seeks to enhance and accelerate the development of locally authored and freely available digital information collections, for use by schools in support of the governments eLearning initiative, a national spatial data archive, and a facility to encourage partnerships between data gatherers and information users for their mutual benefit. Repository membership is free, and registered users receive a fixed space home collection for storage of their digital content. Special features include: 1) streaming facilities for multimedia items that convert the relevant bitstreams to a streaming format, and copy them to a streaming server. Access to this version of the item is available via a link on the item page (Figure 2); 2) spatial content facilities which provide a popup map window for repository items that have their dublin core coverage element (Figure 3); 3) interactive mapping facility for relevant spatial repository content (shape files, etc) that maps them into a web mapping service (WMS). A special “interactive map” type is associated with a text file that indicates the desired repository layers that should be loaded into the web mapping viewer (Figure 4). eJamaica.org is pioneering the field of collaborative content availability in Jamaica, and encourages the sharing of information on Jamaica which is stored in electronic format. It envisions a Jamaica where the citizens have easy access, and the means to share information of cultural, scientific, educational and historical value, the use of which empowers them in all their diversity thought their lives, for this and future generations.

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Creators:John Preston, Stacey-Anne Moses
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