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Manakin: Lessons Learned

Phillips, S., Creel, J., Green, C., Li, Y., Maslov, A., Mattingly, P., Mikeal, A., Paz, J., Leggett, J. and McFarland, M. (2008) Manakin: Lessons Learned. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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Manakin is a repository interface framework introduced at Open Repositories 2007. One year after its initial release Manakin has seen a minor point release and integration into the core of DSpace. Currently, Manakin has been deployed or is in preparation for deployment at several institutions across the globe. One of our earliest adopters, the Instituto Antonio Carlos Jobim, has deployed Manakin for its multimedia collections; the PolicyArchive project has used Manakin to drastically change the look-and-feel of DSpace; the Doria repository in Finland has adapted Manakin to support the multi-lingual needs of its ETD collection; and at Texas A&M University Manakin is used to visualize geospatial metadata in a collection of historic maps and also to match the main library’s new website design. Manakin’s introduction represented a fundamental change to the previous DSpace interface by adding the abilities to: 1) establish a unique look-and-feel, 2) brand content, 3) visualize metadata, and 4) provide modularity at the interface layer. Having lived with Manakin for a year, we are able to assess our progress toward meeting these goals. While the four original design goals were realized in the initial release of Manakin, it became apparent that certain issues had been overlooked.

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Creators:Scott Phillips, James Creel, Cody Green, Yixuan Li, Alexey Maslov, Philip Mattingly, Adam Mikeal, Jay Paz, John Leggett, Mark McFarland
Subjects:Main Conference > Wednesday 2nd April > 6b - Models, Architectures & Frameworks
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