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DRIVER: Improving access to European research

Robinson, M., Jones, S. and Hubbard, B. (2008) DRIVER: Improving access to European research. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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With the growth of repositories, many valuable services such as OAIster [1] and BASE [2] have been established to search and retrieve bibliographic records (metadata). However, items held in repositories are sometimes hidden behind several intermediate pages, obscured by authorization procedures, not fully presented, or not retrievable at all. A unified approach is needed to manage this challenging and evolving repository landscape. This poster will describe the DRIVER (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research) project which aims to provide such a unified approach [3]. Aims DRIVER is a multi-phase effort. The initial phase, DRIVER I, concentrated on providing access to textual scientific output, such as articles, scientific/technical reports, preprints and working papers from countries in the DRIVER testbed: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The current phase, DRIVER II, expands on this to include a wider range of materials from all EU countries. Studies Within the DRIVER I project, a number of strategic and coordinated studies on digital repositories and related topics have been carried out to identify the current state of development, best practices and needs of the European repository community. The results of these studies will be discussed in this poster. Guidelines The landscape of digital repositories is multifaceted, with respect to different countries, different resources such as text, data or multimedia, different technological platforms, different metadata policies etc. For this purpose the project has drawn up the DRIVER Guidelines for Content Providers: Exposing textual resources with OAI-PMH [4]. The main goals are to provide guidance for managers of new repositories in defining their local data management policies for textual resources; for managers of existing repositories to take steps towards improved services; and for developers of repository platforms to add supportive functionalities in future versions. The poster will provide further information on the Guidelines and on a validation tool being developed to assist repository managers check their repository for compliance. Infrastructure The DRIVER guidelines take a ‘top-down’ approach, in trying to ensure that repository data is exposed in a standard way. At the same time, the DRIVER infrastructure takes a ‘bottom-up’ approach and provides the technology and infrastructure to harvest content from multiple repositories and manage its transformation into a common and uniform ‘shared information space’. Re-use is a key feature of DRIVER. Traditional approaches to service development have involved each service provider deploying a new system with high maintenance costs (possibly installing, customizing services and constructing from scratch, i.e. harvesting/cleaning, a new information space). However in DRIVER, service providers can reduce costs and effort by relying on the DRIVER infrastructure and cooperating in order to populate and re-use the global information space as needed to develop search, citation and other services. The poster will provide additional information on the development and facilities of the infrastructure. Benefits DRIVER has wide-ranging benefits for both service providers and end users of the DRIVER infrastructure. Service providers will be able to use the DRIVER information space to access Europe’s repositories and to build national, regional or subject-specific services. End users can use services built on the DRIVER infrastructure to access a broad spectrum of disciplines and topics. Due to the work of DRIVER these services will be able to ensure effective searches and retrieval of high quality full text content in an efficient manner. DRIVER Community DRIVER is working to increase awareness of Open Access and repositories among those directly involved in research in Europe as well as raising awareness of the issues among the general public. DRIVER is working with national groups e.g. Irish, Spanish and Belgium repositories, to facilitate the growth of national repository networks. DRIVER will support the development of a Confederation of European Digital Repositories to act as a long-term forum to facilitate collaboration and the development of the repository community. Summary The initial phase of DRIVER focused on the support of institutional repositories and textual content in repositories. In DRIVER-II, efforts will be made to strengthen the repository community and subject communities will feature more strongly in the project. DRIVER technical developments will focus on the development and enhancement of services for specific communities. In DRIVER-II, the technical focus will expand from the management of textual content in repositories to also include the management of complex objects such as data and multimedia. References 1. OAIster http://www.oaister.org/ 2. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) http://base.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/index_english.html 3. DRIVER http://www.driver-community.eu/ 4. DRIVER Guidelines http://www.driver-support.eu/en/guidelines.html

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