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Digital archive JYX also takes care of copyrights

Heikkinen, R., Pitkänen, P., Olsbo, P. and Luoma, E. (2008) Digital archive JYX also takes care of copyrights. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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In general, current digital archives are designed and implemented to support publishing, management and delivery of digital content. Despite the improvements of the information systems in recent years, there is only a handful of digital archives in the Nordic countries that provide means to manage and control copyrights. One major reason why managing copyrights is neglected is lack of software tools to perform such time consuming effort. During the deployment of our digital archive in the University of Jyväskylä, we noticed that publishing always has to do with agreeing on copyrights. Copyrights and usage rights must be taken care of and expressed in connection with the content or its metadata. One simple way to do this is to add a piece of information in the metadata field or a link which contains the information about the rights to use the material, e.g. a link to a Creative Commons –license. However, we found that the publishing and related copyright ecosystem is not this straightforward. The publishing agreements tend to be complex and vary depending on the type of the content. For example, there might be a need to capture the details of an agreement dealing with a particular online video, which can only be used for certain purposes, in a certain course, in a certain technical environment, and for the use of which the author is paid a remuneration, etc. We approached this complexity by examining the common boundaries between content lifecycle and contract lifecycle. Once the points of interaction in the processes were discovered and defined, we introduced and deployed an electronic copyright management systems (ECMS) to the JYX Digital Archive developed in the Jyväskylä University Library. We refer to ECMS as an information system capable of managing the lifecycle of the contracts appearing as publishing agreements, usage licenses and related structured information. In this way, the making of the publishing contract becomes an essential part of the digital publishing process. The system also enables the automatic control of the rights, permissions and restrictions. Since the contents of the agreement is described both in “human” language and in the Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL), the use of the materials can be controlled and limited automatically by the contract management system or the use can be controlled by the DSpace system according the terms that has been defined in the contracts. JYX (jyx.jyu.fi) is the Digital Archive of the University of Jyväskylä opened in November 2007. It puts into practise the idea of linking together a contract management system and a digital archive. In JYX the combination of an archive and ECMS is carried out by DSpace and a dynamic digital contract management system DrM, created by a Finnish company DrElma Ltd. When the material is published, its user rights can be specified using the dynamic contract template. Conversely, when searching the material in the archive, the abstract of the contract is presented to the user telling him/her the conditions of using this material. JYX was partly created within The Finnish Publishing Channel project (2007 – 2008) www.vy.fi/vomyke, which received funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education. The Finnish Publishing Channel project promotes the idea of combining a digital archive and ECMS to national use. Although the strategic starting point in the project was to improve the joint use of online educational materials, the publishing services built in the project have turned out to be useful in managing the agreements of other materials published online, too (e.g. masters’ theses, research materials). It is very important to specify the rights to use of those. The challenges for the year 2008 are to make structured agreement models, build the interfaces to other systems (e.g. library search portals, publishing archives) and expand the use of the concept carried out in this project to partners outside the project. In the presentation we will tackle the questions mentioned above and the solutions found in the project. The pilot system of JYX will also be demonstrated.

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