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EPrintCast – A Document Repository Podcast

Wilson, M. and schraefel, m. c. (2008) EPrintCast – A Document Repository Podcast. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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In this paper, we describe a simple method of reusing an EPrints RSS2.0 feed and Dublin Core meta-data to produce a synthetic-voice podcast that includes both citation and abstract details, which can be easily added to iTunes. Rather than allocating precious time to reviewing the latest institutional releases at work, this system allows users to listen to the details of papers during unutilized time, where the eyes and hands might be otherwise engaged. Early work has already produced the podcast and upcoming work will look at automatically producing a ‘to read’ list with pre-downloaded full texts, based on track ratings given to each item.

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