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TIAMAT: An Ingest Service for the Tufts Digital Repository

Kumar, A., Kaplan, D. and Rubinger, B. (2008) TIAMAT: An Ingest Service for the Tufts Digital Repository. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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An engine that manages the detector, logging and the active Actions Before any ingests can be performed, Actions must be configured to replace each manual task in the ingest workflows. The Action configurations are XML files that can be named and organized hierarchically in the file system and edited manually or using TIAMAT. Later, aggregate actions should be created to represent the individual ingest processes. The aggregate actions are then registered with the detector along with the conditions under which a new ingest occurs. When new material is submitted for ingest, the detector notifies the engine to execute the appropriate aggregate Action, then each Action in the sequence executes in turn. Every action creates a backup of the data before making alterations and logs its activities so that they may be undone if there is a problem later on. Each action has a watchdog in case it takes longer than expected to complete, and a responsible party to notify if it cannot complete successfully. The engine tracks the progress of each ingest and in the case of an unexpected termination restarts all of the actions that were running. Outcome The outcome of this project will be a simplified workflow engine that works with a vanilla instance of Fedora. Because the service is designed to run external scripts, it can be customized to any local need, such as integration with our naming service, our search service, or metadata modifications required by our archivists. Description of Poster The poster will briefly define the ingest problem and provide an illustration of proposed TIAMAT workflow. The poster will display the steps involved in ingesting content into our repository including the outcomes of the steps and possible errors. A schematic of the architecture describing the proposed solution with underlying technologies will be presented. Use cases at Tufts and their work-flow in ingest service will also be explained.

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