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DC Scholarly Communications Community - Repository metadata

Russell, R. and Allinson, J. (2008) DC Scholarly Communications Community - Repository metadata. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1-4 April 2008, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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A short DC Scholarly Communications Community meeting on repository metadata. This is partly in response to recent metadata discussions on JISC-REPOSITORIES. This is an informal session (no presentations!) aiming mainly to exchange updates on current work and discuss common issues. * Brief FRBR recap + intro to the use of FRBR in SWAP & other DC Application Profiles * SWAP * Updates/input from DCAPs for Images, Geospatial resources, Time based media, Learning materials [if present] * Discussion - eg DCAP uptake/implementation issues

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Item (Other)
Creators:Rosemary Russell, Julie Allinson
Subjects:Main Conference > Wednesday 2nd April > Birds of a Feather (Wed)
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